Welcome to New Footprint! You have found the one location you need to buy all the products that you use daily. The twist? Everything on this site is an environmentally friendly version of the products that you use every day! Some products are biodegradable, some recyclable and some are just reusable, but across the board, they are better for our environment that their plastic counterparts!

Our current lifestyles are having a huge impact on the planet and the environment that we depend on. It is not our fault! The alternatives are out there but they are not always easy to find and we don’t even know that some products that we use are ‘bad’ or harmful at all. We know that the alternatives are out there (somewhere) but they can be tricky to find and who wants to spend an hour doing research online before buying a toothbrush or even a pen?! The answer to that question is very very few of us want to. And an even smaller percentage of people actually do.

That’s why we have created this site. Here, you can find the information that you need to reduce your carbon footprint without making big lifestyle changes and even better, without hours of research. To make things even more convenient, you can buy all the sustainable alternatives you need right here, directly from the businesses that sell them! It’s really that simple. No searching page after page online to find what you need because, now, it’s all in one place!

Not to mention, by shopping here, you will support different businesses and manufacturers that are already selling products that are more sustainable. If more people support these amazing businesses and buy their products, we can make a huge change, worldwide. Hopefully in the long run, increased business will mean they can produce on a larger scale which will save money for them and us! The devastating consequences of single use plastics affect everyone on the planet. Let’s do something about it.

Small changes do make a big difference, especially when lots of people make them. This website has been designed to be the go-to location for knowledge and environmentally friendly shopping. What are you waiting for? Bookmark us! In today’s world we don’t have the time to go searching for the information (and you certainly don’t have time to go searching for this site again, the next time you need it!) We need shopping to be convenient and all in one place. Now it is.

If you’re not here to buy, thats fine! Take a look around. The knowledge section has plenty of information for adults and children which can help you make better purchases without changing your lifestyle or just be more knowledgeable about the current state of our planet. Whatever brought you here, please enjoy!

Here at New Footprint, we would like to be as collaborative and thirsty for knowledge as possible. Let us know if you see any mistakes (so we can correct them) and if you sell a sustainable product that we don’t yet know about, please get in touch to sell through our platform! This is an industry that is constantly developing, and we want to make it possible for consumers to access all types of new products that could help to save our planet. All on one central platform.

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