• African rhinos are classed as critically endangered with only around 5000 left in the world.
  • Their main threat is illegal wildlife trade but they are also affected by habitat loss.
  • For the black rhino (slightly smaller, with a more pointed top lip) the worst period was between 1970 and 1992, when around 96% of them were lost to wide-scale poaching. Only 5,000 are left in the wild today.

  • Sadly there are no ‘Northern’ white rhinos left in the wild, and only a handful in captivity. But the ‘Southern’ white rhino is a conservation success story – it’s been helped back from under 100 in 1895 to over 20,000 in the wild today.
  • They eat a lot of vegetation which helps shape the African landscape. Other animals benefit, and it keeps a healthy balance within the environment.

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