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About Claudia Filannino

A not-so-recent graduate in Copywriting, Claudia is still finding her way into this world. After a long time in unicorn-hunting, she discovered herself so confident in writing that she started to write short stories and about the world we need to save. She is just now starting her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and hopes to get more people to hop on this adventure with her and New Footprint.

On planting trees and how anybody can contribute

As we said before, the great accelerator to climate change is CO2. And, while we all know that we have to reduce our emissions in order to mitigate its effects, there is another road we need to take at the same time: planting trees. How so? As you might remember from [...]

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Let’s Change the Narrative around Climate Change

There is a trend of talking about climate change to instil anxiety in people. I get it, it’s a serious problem. We should worry. But why don’t we talk about it climate change in a different way? We know fear doesn’t work. Saying 'we are all doomed' will do [...]

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Top 8 Eco Accounts to Help you Make a Difference

We all noticed a quick shift in our collective conscience regarding the environment over the last few years. You can see more often people with their own mug in coffee shops, or tote bags for their groceries, or just going around with their own non-plastic water bottle. Well, maybe [...]

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