Coffee Pods

Disposable vs Reusable

Single Use

  • There are approximately 10 billion single use coffee pods that end up in landfills each year.
  • Lots of single use pods are made from recyclable material. The problem is that most local recycling collections do not accept them meaning that most end up in landfills anyway.
  • Regardless of whether the pods we use are recyclable or not, choosing single use means we are throwing away extra waste that can be avoided.
  • Sales of single use coffee pods are expected to triple in the UK by 2020. If sales increase, so will the waste produced and the strain on our landfills.


  • If you use a refillable pod, the used coffee can be composted or reused for things such as cleaning. If you do reuse the waste, your sending nothing to the landfill.
  • Using a reliable pod means you have more choice when it comes to what type of coffee you’d like to drink! You can also control the strength of your coffee a lot more easily!
  • It’s more cost effective to fill up the pods yourself in comparison to splashing out on costly single use pods.
  • Compostable pods exist too! Instead of plastic they are made with biodegradable materials like sugarcane and cornstarch. Some can be composted at home or sent away with the food collection bins to be composted industrially.