Cotton Buds

Disposable vs Reusable


  • Cotton buds can take hundreds of years to decompose.
  • They are made of light plastic that floats which means they pass through most sewerage systems and end up in oceans disrupting marine life.
  • They can become very brittle in an ocean environment and if swallowed by animals can break up while inside the animal and become very dangerous.
  • They break down into micro plastics and leave behind toxic chemicals on beaches, in our ocean and in the ground.
  • Every day around 1.5 billion cotton buds are produced.


  • There is a very simple reusable and washable solution that will save the environment and also money.
  • Comes in different colours and is easily transportable.
  • Cotton buds are one of the top 10 items found to be polluting our oceans. One small change can make a huge impact towards changing this.
  • Buying a reusable option also decreases the packaging that cotton buds are bought in which is usually a clear plastic container.