Hello people! If you arrived here you might already know we are all about getting plastic out of our lives to live in a better environment.

Just to introduce ourselves a little better, we are going to leave the word to Jon Clayton, our founder’s dad.

When my daughter explained her non-plastic enviro-friendly website to me, she emphasised the stat that a dumper truck of plastic enters our oceans every hour.

Well, says I, here is the solution: let’s start by finding out who owns that bloody truck!

The response was an icy silence and a withering look she seems to keep only for me. So I realised this conversation was serious and let’s face it – it is serious! And change is needed.

Like most of us, I accept we are abusing our planet, poisoning it and I’m fully behind the call for action. But there is that little voice inside our head saying “I am just one, what can I do?”.

New Footprint for a new change

THIS! This is what I can do, this is what we all can do!

Where we spend our money is critical. We can dictate to companies exactly what we want and how we want it produced. We can choose to buy from companies that abuse the land, exploits people and the environment, operating with no conscience at all. Or we can choose to buy from companies that embrace environment-friendly, non-plastic, low-impact policies.

No-brainer, right?

If you share our vision, New Footprint is the site to shop from. We intend to put the consumer and vendor together by offering a one-stop website where everything sold is green. From the companies that recognise their responsibilities to the world around us, to the customers who shop with ever more awareness of what is good and what is bad for the environment. And the awareness that what we buy, how we buy it, where we do it, and from who can make a difference in saying to big companies what we really want. The power is in our hands. For too long plastic dangers have been a fundamental problem, it’s time we let our voices be heard and drive the change.

Let’s change the world together

So, that’s the concept. And with more and more people buying with awareness and responsibility this concept is growing and it’s not going to go away. The number of green goods being offered nowadays is growing fast! The list of available goods is staggering, so we have no excuse in how we shop.

That’s the website then, no churning through the web trying to source various goods from various sites. Just a click to New Footprint, then purchase with confidence that you are doing your bit. Inspire others to do the same and you can call yourself an activist proudly, instead of just a sympathiser.

It’s a nice feeling, you know?