Keep your Face Mask protected in the washing machine with our reusable mesh bags!

100% yarn cotton masks, handmade in the UK. Using hobium yarn (Turkish yarn which is the best quality)

Includes a filter pocket made from cotton liner and sold with 2 free PM2.5 filters. Filters should be replaced every week of use.

The mask is machine washable and retains its colour and shape.

Available in one size


I cannot be held responsible for any health issues for the wearer of these masks.

I do not claim these masks are medical grade or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). They have not been proven or professionally tested in the prevention of disease but may help to prevent the wearer from touching their face or spreading disease.

I do not claim these masks are antibacterial or antimicrobial properties.

I do not claim that these masks are in compliance with or approved by any health organisation or UK gov.

I in no way compare these masks to a N95 mask

I do not claim that these masks help in the prevention of virus, pathogen or influenza.

These masks contain 2 PM2.5 filters but any other filter such as a N95 filter can be used.