Panda Packaging’s Coconut bowl & Coconut Spoon set is handmade on the magical island of Bali. The coconuts are saved from coconut plantations where the would be discarded as waste and instead turned into beautiful bowls, whilst the spoons are made from palm trees that can no longer grow any more coconuts.

This set is great for eating zero waste on the move, or for enjoying the island lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. Lightweight and extremely durable, this coconut duo are perfect for on the go and travelling.


Bowl dimensions – 13x13x9cm

Spoon dimensions – 15x4x1cm.


Panda Packaging was born out of a love and appreciation for our planet with the aim of making it easier to live a more zero waste lifestyle and help tackle plastic pollution. Their team have created a range of innovative and sustainable lifestyle products which are all handmade without the use of harmful substances.