Deaf,  lip-reading, SEN friendly and inclusive 100% cotton reusable face mask with a removable plastic screen to allow for machine washing.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing heavily rely on lip-reading to communicate, and this has proved a problem understanding those with their face covered during the pandemic. These masks allow for mouths to be seen and lips to be read, easing communication.

Adult size (would fit from age 7 upwards). Made to order and available in a variety of neutral patterns (blues/black). Includes plastic ‘screen’ which can be cut to size, replaced if necessary and removed for the wash. If washing in the machine please use a cycle suitable for cottons, suggested 40 degrees or hand wash. Dry flat.

Please fit the mask to your face comfortably then ensure the elastic ties are tied tightly before placing in the wash to avoid rethreading the elastic.

Handmade in Tonbridge, UK by The Green Team.

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