Start your journey to a more sustainable cleaning routine with our kitchen starter kit. Each box contains:

– A The Green Peak multi-purpose kitchen cleaner concentrated refill

– A 500ml brown glass trigger spray bottle

– A natural loofah sponge

– A biodegradable bamboo cloth


Our lavender & tea tree concentrated refill is full of natural cleansers and naturally antibiotic. The aluminium canister can be recycled over and over again or you can reuse it.  Once you get your box simply pour the refill into the glass bottle, top it up with cooled, boiled water and away you go! The dark glass prolongs the essential oils and it can be used over and over again so no more single use plastic! The natural loofah sponge can be used to clean dishes and surfaces. Just soak it in warm water and it will expand and become soft. Loofahs are made from the fibrous insides of the loofah plant and are non toxic and biodegradable so a perfect sustainable choice. Bamboo cloths are super absorbent and dry quickly. Unlike microfibre cloths that are made of plastic, they contain only natural materials and they take much less water to produce than cotton cloths. Add to this the fact they are biodegradable and you have the perfect zero waste product. The products will arrive to you without any plastic wrapping and in recyclable boxes so you can make the change to sustainable cleaning without worrying about your carbon footprint.