Our Earl Grey is an inspiring fusion of high-grown leaf tea, bergamot and cornflowers.

We have selected a delicious full-bodied base from the Nilgiri district in Southern India which is perfectly balanced with notes of citrusy bergamot and a scattering of blue cornflower petals for an elegant final flourish.

Our biodegradable tea pyramids allow the tea leaves to unfurl and infuse properly for a delicious, full-flavoured cup.

Brewing instructions: Place a teaspoon into a teapot, add freshly drawn boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes according to your preferred strength. Serve black or add milk and sugar according to taste.

Available as Loose leaf and in Biodegradable teabags.

made from:

Nilgiri black tea, Natural Bergamot flavouring, Cornflower

Packaged in the UK. Locally sourced. Hand-packed in the UK.


Height 150mm x Diameter 78mm, approx 184g