Sanitary Products

Plastic vs Cotton and Reusable


  • Conventional sanitary products have been estimated to contain up to 90% plastic materials.
  • Up to 2 billion sanitary products are flushed down toilets in the UK each year. This can cause blockages and the products can end up in the sea and wash up on our beaches.
  • Some studies have revealed that some brands of plastic sanitary products can contain harmful chemicals. Even paint stripper!
  • Scented sanitary products can contain thousands more harmful chemicals just to add a scent.


  • There are a number of friendlier options in this category including reusable/washable underwear and cotton/biodegradable products.
  • Cotton options can take approximately 6 months to decompose in the right conditions.
  • Organic cotton products do not contain synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Women that have made the switch have reported few hormonal issues after using organic cotton tampons and other products.
  • Women spend approximately £130 per year on their periods. Reusable underwear and period cups can help the environment and also your wallet!