Plastic vs Plastic Free and Loose Leaf


  • Most mainstream teabags contain up to 25% plastic meaning they cannot fully decompose.
  • A number of manufacturers do not want to make teabags plastic free as they feel it would be too costly for them to do.
  • The plastic materials in tea bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose
  • The plastic used in tea bags, polypropylene, is linked to a number of negative health issues and can affect the body’s endocrine system.​

Plastic Free/ Loose Leaf

  • There are two main alternatives to plastic teabags; Loose leaf tea and plastic free brands.
  • Loose leaf tea is often more full of flavour as the leaves haven’t been crushed to fit in the plastic bag.
  • There are lots of brands that are trying to reduce the plastic materials in their tea bags too so if loose leaf isn’t for you, there are still environmentally friendly options!
  • The materials used in plastic free teabags can biodegrade in as little as 3 months in the right conditions.