One of the challenges in an environment-friendly lifestyle is where to recycle waste. We may have reduced it by switching our single-use items to reusable ones. But somehow we still find ourselves with some waste we don’t know how to dispose of.

The aim of this article is exactly to point you to different projects that take care of any kind of recyclable.


Let’s start with Terracycle. On their website, you will find all you need to know about any product you need to get rid of. Along with several programs for every different piece of waste, be it contact lenses, or writing tools, or toothpaste tubes, really any difficult item you always wonder where to put and always end up throwing in the wrong bag (guilty as charged!). For every program, there is a map with all drop-off locations, so that you can find the nearest one.


On recyclenow you will find information on everything you have at home, with tips to know if they’re recyclable or details on how they are collected. You will also find a Recycling Locator, where you can research the item you need to recycle and your postcode to find the nearest location where you can bring your waste.

Beware that during this pandemic time, some centres might work differently than usual. Always check with them beforehand.

Also, always check with charities, like Oxfam, for items you no longer need but that can still be used by someone else, e.g. clothes, mobiles, laptops, …

And check also with your council how they manage the collection of any other item.

Hope you found something useful today.

If you have more knowledge of other recycling projects, please comment right here and let us know!